Shanghai Kindly Enterprise Development Group Co., Ltd (hereafter referred to as KDL) now administer 12 companies as Shanghai Kindly Enterprise Development Group Medical Instruments Co., Ltd锛孲hanghai Kindly Enterprise Development Group Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd锛孲hanghai Kindly Medical Devices Automation Research Institute, Shanghai Kindly Tube Co., Ltd, Shanghai Kindly Teshima CO., Ltd, Shanghai Kindly International Trade Co., Ltd, Zhejiang Kindly Medical Devices Co., Ltd, Wenzhou Kindly Medical Devices Co., Ltd, Zhuhai Kindly Medical Devices Co., Ltd, Guangzhou Kindly Medical Devices Co., Ltd and Nanchang Kindly Medical Devices Co. ,Ltd 
    As one of the biggest manufacturers for medical polymer product in China, based on 
the quality principle 鈥淭o win universal confidence with KDL quality and reputation鈥, KDL provides the customers from more than fifty countries worldwide with the advanced medical products and service in the fields of medical puncture devices, intervention devices, medical high polymer devices锛 medical package, medical supply chain and so on.  For the six consecutive years, KDL has been classified as Top Hundred Private Enterprises and Sci-Tech Giant Business in Shanghai. The disposable medical high polymer devices produced by KDL have been named as High-quality Medical Device Products and Famous Brand products in Shanghai, as well as the Excellent Brand Product by national industry association.

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